I re-discovered while working with Laura that the goal is to be your best authentic self. Not to mimic the sounds of someone else, but to build the healthiest version of your instrument and then play with it.

Laura herself is an outstanding partner. Despite her impressive background and successes, she is without ego in lessons. She is focused on listening and interpreting to maximize your potential and healthy supported sound. She is also, quite simply, a lovely human being.

It all started when…

After spending many years as a professional singer and vocal coach, I felt called to shift my practice from helping performers to helping female leaders.

Women ready to raise their voice for social and personal change. Change in their relationships, change in their communities, and change in themselves.

Taking what I know about the voice and breath, I help female entrepreneurs, podcasters, authors, and politicians communicate with warmth, power, and authenticity.  

I currently offer 2 workshops, Finding your Om, and Raise Your Voice. If you are interested in bringing either workshop to your studio or would like to attend a workshop feel free to reach out.